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The claims process

The UK property market, despite government claims to the contrary, remains largely cyclical and errors by your architect can result in your project failing due to changes in the local property market, particularly as bank lending policies fluctuate over time and according to the state of the economy.

It is therefore important for claims to be processed efficiently and speedily, as well as accurately and assertively, in order for you as the client to minimise any loss.

As the amounts involved may often be large, it is best to use a firm such as ours, who have experience in negotiating large out-of-court settlements in a reasonable timescale. This can be in conjunction with appropriate regulatory action, whether or not it is necessary to actually issue a claim at Court before settlement meetings progress.

We specialise in all manners of negligence claims against professionals and our leading solicitors have acted on high profile claims against well-known architects, resulting in the worst case in the striking-off of the architect involved. Happily this is rarely necessary and usually the architect’s insurers will reimburse the client for any loss.

There are strict time limits to bring a negligence claim against an architect so the sooner you consult us the better.